Fructe de padure

Forest fruits
250 ml

”Choose Healthy and Natural!”


330 ml

”Smile and be positive!”

Mere si cirese

Apples and cherries
500 ML

”Add color and taste to your life!”


1 L

The delicious aroma of apple is just picked from the orchard, vitamins and ...

Prafructta left leaves
The promise

The Promise

We created Profructta as the fruit of our care for nature and traditions. We chose only the carefully picked fruit and vegetables from the hills of Campulung Muscel and we gave you their sap as natural juices. From the delicious apples to the fresh carrots, all of earth’s goodness got incorporated into the fruit of out labour.

We didn’t stop here, though. Because we decided to blend nature’s splendour with the efficiency of ultimate technology and quality packaging. Consequently, vitamins and antioxidants can now easily thrive in our juices.

100% Natural

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